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Earthward Natural Foods has been an embodiment of healthy living in the Hillsborough County community since 1975.  We offer a variety of groceries for many dietary needs.  Organic produce, a quality selection of gluten-free food, raw milk, a vast selection of teas and an offering of bulk spices/herbs are just examples of the plethora of products we carry. 

Earthward Natural Foods is also a holistic health store carrying many vitamins, supplements, health and beauty products, cleansers and homeopathic medicines.  We are a small grocery store with a conscience and an eye on supporting local companies. 


We strive to not carry any genetically modified products or any products associated with Monsanto.  If you spot a product in our store that you know to have been genetically modified or associated with Monsanto, let our staff know so we can rectify that.


There may be some products on our website that are not available in our store.  We would be happy to special order it for you.  To arrange a special order you can send us an email with the product you desire and the quantity you’d prefer.


Earthward Natural Foods is on Facebook.  You can also find us on Twitter and Instagram!


Earthward Natural Foods Health Tips
Naturally fresh breath
Conventional mouthwashes often contain 25 percent alcohol and plenty of artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Look for herbal rinses with ingredients like tea tree oil, white oak bark, or horsetail. A few drops of chlorophyll or aloe vera in water are also effective rinses. Be sure to follow rinsing with flossing—if you don’t, one third of your tooth surface isn’t being cleaned!

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